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Looking Back on 30 Days of Biking

When I signed up for Thirty Days of Biking, I thought, “why not?” I bike every day anyway, so this didn’t seem like an extra commitment. What I hadn’t thought about was my trip to Western Pennsylvania over Easter weekend to spend time with extended family. Upon arrival, I assumed that this long weekend would […]

Review: Selle Royal Respiro Women’s Saddle

Other women sometimes ask me how I like my bike saddle, so I thought I’d write a real review. After the first 10 miles on bike’s pre-existing (and probably original) saddle my sit bones were incredibly sore. It was clear that a new saddle needed to be my first bike update. At the time, I […]

Highly-Visible Yellow

We’ve already established that I think fashion might be one of the best barometers of zeitgeist. No one should be surprised when I say I do read fashion magazines, usually with a critical eye toward what designers, stylists, photographers and editors are holding up as the thing supposedly capturing our collective imagination. This spring I […]

Getting Bike Grease out of Clothing: The Magic Formula

Actually, this works for all oils and stains. I’ve only lost one pair of pants to biking-related stains in almost a year of riding and wrenching in work clothes, and that was my fault for riding home in a torrential down-pour without fenders clad in very light khaki pants. If anyone knows how to get […]

Fashion: that other F-word

I still have so much to learn, not just about gears and cables, but also about bike culture. I started blogging because I hadn’t seen anything on bike blogs that I identified with. At first, all I could find when I Googled “women biking” was either pro racing stories or photos of women who look […]

Alternatives to Cycling-Specific Clothing – Outfit #2

Cycling-specific women’s clothing that you’d wear even if you weren’t on a bike is still hard to find. There have been a few products (Outlier offers one pair of women’s pants that appear to be pretty flattering) but more common are collections such as “city riding” from Rapha or Levi’s Commuter Series, which don’t offer […]