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DIY a Cute Bike Helmet

DIY painted helmets

Remember when you were 12 and rebelled against helmets and life-jackets because they were really cramping your style?

How many of us still feel that way, except now it’s our own responsible, non-invincible side and not our mom pushing for the helmet? My friends Becky and Elise resolved the conflict by giving their bike helmets a makeover.

If your helmet has been dropped, has been in an accident, or doesn’t fit properly you should buy a new one. If none of the above are true, you can have a new look for the price of a bit of paint. These best friends bought a set of model car paints and painted their designs together.

Becky’s helmet shows off her favorite aspects of riding the Twin Cities, highlighted by a lovely rendition of the Stone Arch Bridge along the left side. Elise’s eye-catching design was inspired by the wing patterns of Monarch butterflies, with the green strips at the bottom suggesting a cocooned caterpillar.

If you want to duplicate their project, all you need are some smallish brushes and paint (I’ve also seen some sweet helmets customized with glitter and stickers). You’re only limited by your imagination! Do your research on the paint – these two ladies used model car paint last summer, and it still looks fresh 10 months later. However, petroleum-based paint can dissolve Styrofoam, which would be bad news for a bike helmet. I recommend shopping at an art supply store with a knowledgeable staff that can help with selection. There’s also an article about safety and painting bike helmets at Helmets.org.

If you get inspired, I’d love to see pics of your sweet helmet!


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