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Vogue’s Bike Fashion Picks for Fall

I’ve written several posts about my love/hate relationship with the fashion industry. I think every woman, no matter how pretty or thin, feels at some point that she isn’t represented by the idealized images in the fashion world. That’s exponentially true if she’s queer or happens to have skin that isn’t a Northern European shade of pale.

So with that disclaimer, and with my registered disappointment that all of the models pictured appear to be white (including the Chanel runway walker who has a bindi on her forehead), I am excited about seeing bikes in Vogue. Even if it’s just on their website. Vogue may be years behind the trend here, but it’s nice to see major, influential institutions stamp their approval on cultural shifts others have worked hard for (not meant to be sarcastic). After all, here is a major part of my lifestyle, being celebrated by one of the gatekeepers of American beauty standards.

I’m OK with indulging in the eye-candy of shiny bicycles and expensive clothes every now and then. I don’t need Vogue to tell me that women can look great on bicycles, but if you want to know, my vote goes to the And Dutch bike and Proenza Schouler get-up in look number 8. I would love to ride in those cropped red pants!


One comment on “Vogue’s Bike Fashion Picks for Fall

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