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Po Campo’s Bike to Work Starter Kit


I recently stumbled across this Bike to Work Starter Kit on Po Campo’s website (they make bike-compatible purses and diaper bags). I absolutely love this idea! Right now the kit can only be purchased when you buy a bag from them, but it would be easy to compile something specifically for a co-worker or friend to welcome her to the bike commuter club.

Po Campo nailed it with the mirrored compact and the banana protector. I definitely like to have a small mirror with me, and I’ve been known to lock up a block away from gallery openings and parties and swipe on powder foundation before making my entrance. The attached brush makes it that much better.


Click the image to go to the Banana Bunkers website!

The banana protector? It was the only thing in the kit that made me say, “I NEED that!” To think I’ve been unnecessarily eating bruised bananas! If you do decide to give it to a co-worker, make sure you’re good enough friends that it’s funny when she initially thinks it’s something else. You can buy them from Banana Bunker.

I would also include a current bike map of the area – Bike Everywhere publishes them for the Twin Cities, Madison and Milwaukee, and I have found mine to be accurate and helpful for running errands or heading to new places.

A tire lever and spare tube for her tires, plus an offer to demonstrate how to change a flat, would be super helpful and empowering!

The ultimate gift would be offering to help her map her route and riding it with her the first day, at whatever pace makes her comfortable.

Everyone who bike commutes develops her own little tricks that work well for her style of riding, style of dressing, length of commute and workplace environment. What would you include in a bike to work starter kit?


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