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Taking a Break

Last week I braved snow, ice, and slow-as-can-be studded mountain bike tires to bike to work. This week I have been sick and exhausted, worn out by walking two blocks (I think this has more to do with my thin sleep schedule than my well-dressed cold weather exercise).

Needless to say, I have not been riding my bike. But I’m not sharing this to complain, I’m sharing it to remind all of us that sometimes it’s not necessary to be the hardest-core biker on the block.

It’s OK to take the bus. It’s even OK to drive/ride in a car sometimes.
It’s OK to listen to that nagging, swollen knee and rest it.
It’s OK to give your body a break.
It’s OK to call in sick.
It’s OK to decide that there actually is too much snow on the roads (even for studs).

I’m feeling a bit better and know that my bike and I will be reunited soon, but until then I’m repeating these statements to myself. There’s too much stress in the holiday season as it is.


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