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Reflecting on Commuter Apparel

I have a complicated relationship with reflective clothing. I love how it makes me more visible and therefore safer while I’m riding my bicycle. I hate wearing flashy stuff (ha!) when I’m off the bike. Since I generally use my bike for transportation, there’s a fine balance to be struck.

Here are my top three picks for office-compatible reflective gear.

1. Beamer reflective saddle bag (on sale at Team Estrogen)


The best solution to this conundrum is to add reflective stuff to your bike – not your butt. The saddle bag I have on my main commuter has reflective trim that is highly visible from three sides. An all-reflective version would be even better.

2. Novara Edgewater Bike Jacket


classic short black trench

Novara Edgewater Jacket

There’s a lot of bike commuter clothing with reflective material hidden behind a weird, otherwise inexplicable flap. I don’t own this jacket and can’t speak to other aspects of it’s bike-worthiness, but I love how simple REI’s design is. A classic trench with a reversible belt – brilliant! Now if only it came in cherry red, too.

3. Cole Haan Monroe Reflective Penny Loafer

colehaan penny loaferThese Cole Haan penny loafers are super flashy, but the unexpected use of reflective material in an office-worthy product makes the cut. In addition to silver, they come in black, purple, blue, green, red and yellow. The entire shoe is reflective and features Nike Air technology. I really want a pair! I’ve biked in loafers before without problems, but if you’re going to do it, make sure that you have enough traction on your pedals (or use toe straps), and that your shoes fit well enough that they can’t fall off while you’re riding.


One comment on “Reflecting on Commuter Apparel

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    Speaking of functional women’s athletic wear – I’m pretty sure I need this jacket.

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