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30 Days of Biking – another year!


Like the image says, Monday, April 1st is the beginning of 30 Days of Biking. The name is pretty self-explanatory: bike somewhere – anywhere – every day for one month. This annual tradition started in Minneapolis, and has spread throughout the world. I participated last year and thought it was pretty sweet.

After a long, nasty Minnesota winter I’m feeling some inertia. Getting on my bike to get everywhere is less automatic than it was in October – the last few months have seen many days when the weather has made other transportation options more appealing, even more practical.

But it’s been nice this past weekend, nice enough to melt most of the snow. With it, viable excuses are melting away. So go sign up.

Need more incentive? Check out my post from 2012 about how 30 Days of Biking gave me a new riding experience.


One comment on “30 Days of Biking – another year!

  1. Hey – I first noticed your blog a few months ago and I saw something today that made me think of you, and what you are blogging about. The following is a FB post by Handsome Cycles, asking for candidates to be interviewed by the Star Tribune about biking fashions. Maybe you want to check it out?

    Handsome Cycles

    Attention Mpls folks – We are working with the Star Tribune on a piece they are writing about urban cycling style. They are looking for a couple fashionable Mpls cyclist to chat with about what they wear when they ride and why. Think you are a good candidate? Email us at info@handsomecycles.com and let’s chat.

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