New York City: Trying Out Citi Bikes

I recently got back from New York City, where I tried bike share bikes for the first time. That’s right, Minneapolis/ StPaul has had them since 2008 and I have managed to never, ever ride one. I love the idea but I have three of my own bikes and have just never gotten around to […]

Review: Baffin Winter Boots

Minneapolis finally saw real snow this December, giving me plenty of opportunity to put my Baffin Boots to the test. I’ve been out biking, walking, and snow-shoveling in these boots, and I’m really happy with them. Feet can be especially tough to keep warm during winter biking. Cycling turns your core into a furnace, but […]

Review: Merrell Ophelia Shirt

Best known for outfitting the Pacific Northwest in waterproof casual shoes (Jungle Mocs, anyone?), Merrell has branched out into urban street apparel with technical details. While not marketed as bike-specific, some of their clothing items would be great choices for bike commuting to an office casual job. Last summer, I tried on Merrells’s short sleeved […]

Review: Ortlieb Backroller Classic Panniers

At the beginning of summer I replaced my dysfunctional panniers with the Orlieb Backroller Classics. After six weeks of heavy use of the Ortlieb panniers, including a four day bike camping trip, I’m fairly happy with my new choice. As one friend commented, “I hear a lot of people complaining about their bike bags, but […]

Review: Timbuk2 Tandem Panniers

Hot weather + biking with a backpack = sweaty back. Around this time last year, I started looking for panniers to carry my stuff to avoid the large, damp patch on my back when I arrived at work. I decided that I needed some capacity in order for the panniers (aka those bags that attach […]

Review: Selle Royal Respiro Women’s Saddle

Other women sometimes ask me how I like my bike saddle, so I thought I’d write a real review. After the first 10 miles on bike’s pre-existing (and probably original) saddle my sit bones were incredibly sore. It was clear that a new saddle needed to be my first bike update. At the time, I […]