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Interacting with Drivers: A Two-Way Street

There are a lot of pixels devoted to dealing with obnoxious or scary drivers, which is mostly an indicator of how much time and energy cyclists spend thinking about the issue. I have yet to read a blog post that does not essentially say “take the high ground and don’t retaliate” (see Bikey Face’s pep […]

Outfit #3 – Summer Riding

Last week we had a string of warm, sticky days in the Twin Cities. It’s cooled off a bit since then, but summer is here and it’s just going to get hotter and humider. I’ve been thinking a lot about my summer cycling wardrobe, and this outfit is my favorite so far. I got it […]

Northern Spark 2012: Awesome Urban Bike Adventure

Biking to work is awesome for my mind, body, and bank account, and biking to fun events with friends is even better. Northern Spark 2011 was my favorite urban bike adventure of last summer. If you live in the Twin Cities and aren’t already planning your night at, grab some friends and some bikes […]