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Vogue’s Bike Fashion Picks for Fall

I’ve written several posts about my love/hate relationship with the fashion industry. I think every woman, no matter how pretty or thin, feels at some point that she isn’t represented by the idealized images in the fashion world. That’s exponentially true if she’s queer or happens to have skin that isn’t a Northern European shade […]

Public Service Announcement: Shopping the Sales

I hate paying retail prices for anything, unless it’s at my local bike shop where they earn my business every time by listening, making good recommendations, and doing quick, crucial repairs. If I paid retail prices for clothes, I would have to do laundry every three days because there wouldn’t be much in my closet. […]

In Defense of Fat Tires on Road Bikes

While on a ride with a bike mechanic acquaintance this spring, I noticed that his otherwise unremarkable steel frame bike had very large tires, approaching beach-cruiser proportions. Since it seemed a somewhat unusual choice by someone who knows a lot about bikes, I asked him for the reasoning behind riding huge tires on the road. […]

One Hot Pink Bicycle

Meet Pinkie. I’m generally not that into “bike porn” (someone please come up with a better name for it). However, when I saw my friend Z wrapping her bars in hot pink Salsa tape that perfectly matched her frame, I was struck by this eye-catching bike. Originally a white and blue Marin, Z had the […]