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Why I Bike in the Winter

It snowed last week in Minneapolis – big, wet, not-quite-frozen flakes. It’s warmed up a bit since, but this is a good sign that the 70 degree days we experienced a week ago have headed south until April. Now I’m thinking about winter biking in more than just hypothetical terms – like actually switching out […]

Professional Hair – With a Helmet!

There’s a woman with a consistently professional-looking bob cut who works in the same building I do. She rides a recumbent bicycle to work, and for the past year I have been wondering how her hair looks so polished when I know she always wears a helmet. I was too intimidated by her important job […]

She’s Fast on Her Bike: Photos of Brown Women on Bikes!

When my friend B announced she was starting a Tumblr with photos of Women of Color (WoC) riding bikes and looking fabulous doing it, I thought, “cool!” And then I proceeded to scroll through my favorite bike fashion blogs, looking for photos to send her. Which quickly turned into thoughts of “$%*#! I know I […]

Jackets for Fall Biking

October is here and the weather in Minneapolis is now as crisp as the dried leaves lining our streets (I’m loving the “crunch” they make as I pedal by). I’m still riding my bike, but I’m thinking about what I wear differently than I did in the summer. Outfits are now constructed around layers instead […]