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Bicycling and Mental Health

May is both Bike Month and Mental Illness Awareness Month. Coincidence? Probably, but there‚Äôs some good stuff out there about the connection between biking and mental health. Consider: the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 1 in 4 American adults lives with a diagnosable, treatable mental illness. Twenty-five percent! Whether you know it or […]

Commuter Pants for Women

Bike commuting pants. Not shorts or capris, but real pants that look polished and professional. Dozens of companies offer them for men, but if you’re female, the pickings are pretty slim. The good news is that they do actually exist (don’t think this was true 5 years ago). Here are your spring 2013 options in […]

Bikes and Hip-Hop: Two Reasons to Love Minneapolis

Bicycles and hip-hop. Sometimes two things you love about a place come together and create a smile as big as the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. I’ve been mentally composing a post about the confluence of the two in the Minneapolis for a while, but since Y.N.RichKids just released their newest video and it’s called “My Bike,” […]