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DIY a Cute Bike Helmet

Remember when you were 12 and rebelled against helmets and life-jackets because they were really cramping your style? How many of us still feel that way, except now it’s our own responsible, non-invincible side and not our mom pushing for the helmet? My friends Becky and Elise resolved the conflict by giving their bike helmets […]

Pedal Power in the MayDay Parade!

The MayDay Parade put on by In the Heart of the Beast Theater in Minneapolis epitomizes my favorite aspects of the Twin Cities – the sense of community, creativity and artistry, progressive politics, and people-powered movement. Everything in the parade is handmade and foot driven – whether by walking, stilting, or pedaling. Roughly 2,000 community […]

Review: Timbuk2 Tandem Panniers

Hot weather + biking with a backpack = sweaty back. Around this time last year, I started looking for panniers to carry my stuff to avoid the large, damp patch on my back when I arrived at work. I decided that I needed some capacity in order for the panniers (aka those bags that attach […]

It’s Bike to Work Week – find a great route!

Not only is May Bike Month, but this week is also Bike to Work Week. Finding a route I’m comfortable riding has been the most important aspect of making my bike commute enjoyable. It’s also something that I am continually tweaking. Often a busy street will have a calmer, parallel street just a few blocks […]

Sexism in the Bike Lanes

I approach the sexist aspects of bike culture the same way I address the presence of black bears while backpacking: I deliberately avoid contact. My friends are a pretty progressive bunch, and I only patronize bike shops with a reputation of being welcoming to ALL their customers. So while I heard horror stories from other […]

Bicycle Fashion Show at the Living Green Expo

I checked out the Living Green Expo for the first time this past weekend, and the Bicycle Fashion Show was definitely the highlight! It was put together by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota and the Minnesota Environmental Partnership and featured more than 25 models and bikes. They did a great job of representing a variety […]

Keeping it Real in Chicago

So often, fashion photography falls into the realm of escapist fantasy, proposing scenarios cut loose from any mooring in reality. Because children and teens (adults too) aren’t taught to be critical consumers of images, this can be problematic. Despite Cindy Sherman and Photoshop, millions still believe on some level that models actually look like they […]