I started biking as a major part of my transportation in April 2011. Since then I have gotten completely obsessed with cycling, which I think is one of the best urban transportation options out there.

Working in an image-conscious industry in a city with highly variable weather means that I spend way too much time thinking about what I will wear in order to be comfortable on my ride and appropriately dressed upon arrival. Girls Biking to Work is an outlet for that and my other biking related obsessions.

I’ve learned a ton and am still learning. I’m grateful for the community of women and trans cyclists I’ve found, both in Minneapolis and on the internet, who are eager to share an amazing wealth of knowledge built through many miles in the saddle.

For more info, read my introductory post.

As for the reviews I write, no one pays me or gives me free stuff to test out. I write reviews because I have limited funds to spend on bike stuff and thoroughly research what I’m buying before I plunk down my hard-earned cash. After I’ve ridden all over town with this stuff for a few months, I figure it’s only fair to pass on what I’ve learned.


4 comments on “About

  1. All of your gear reviews are making me want to buy even more cycling gear, dammit!

    Also, this is probably a good indicator that you’ve got a good blog 🙂 Keep pedaling!

  2. I am in your same boat with the presto-chango thing. I live in chicago and I bike literally everywhere. Check these out they will be coming to Market soon! It’s a company out of Toronto, the founder is a totally awesome biking chick. (like you and I) Also I have been on the look out for a stylish messenger bag. I really think I am out of luck there. Cheers!


  3. Hey there! Fellow bike blogger Mir.I.Am from BikeCommuters.com… Anyway, lamenting the lack of cycle-specific AND fashion conscious women’s clothing. Just moved from Honolulu to Portland which requires some type of waterproof jacket that works for cycling, board room, and not looking like a total dweeb in the rain out on the weekends has been nearly impossible for under $250… Keeping my eyes peeled and my ears to the internet. Right here with ya, sister… LMK if you wanna guest blog sometime? mir at bikecommuters dot com.

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