Skin Care for Winter Cyclists

Winter has always been a skin care challenge in the upper Midwest, but it got worse after I started winter biking. Even with my mostly-windproof balaclava, my face was red, dry and itchy after a good ride. I failed at staying on top of it last winter, and things got so bad that regular moisturizers […]

Professional Hair – With a Helmet!

There’s a woman with a consistently professional-looking bob cut who works in the same building I do. She rides a recumbent bicycle to work, and for the past year I have been wondering how her hair looks so polished when I know she always wears a helmet. I was too intimidated by her important job […]

She’s Fast on Her Bike: Photos of Brown Women on Bikes!

When my friend B announced she was starting a Tumblr with photos of Women of Color (WoC) riding bikes and looking fabulous doing it, I thought, “cool!” And then I proceeded to scroll through my favorite bike fashion blogs, looking for photos to send her. Which quickly turned into thoughts of “$%*#! I know I […]

Po Campo’s Bike to Work Starter Kit

I recently stumbled across this Bike to Work Starter Kit on Po Campo’s website (they make bike-compatible purses and diaper bags). I absolutely love this idea! Right now the kit can only be purchased when you buy a bag from them, but it would be easy to compile something specifically for a co-worker or friend […]

Keeping it Real in Chicago

So often, fashion photography falls into the realm of escapist fantasy, proposing scenarios cut loose from any mooring in reality. Because children and teens (adults too) aren’t taught to be critical consumers of images, this can be problematic. Despite Cindy Sherman and Photoshop, millions still believe on some level that models actually look like they […]

The Foundation of my Beauty Routine

I usually don’t put makeup on prior to my commute, because I tend to “glisten.” Upon arrival at work, I duck into the ladies room. Even if I have had to stop to change a tire en-route, done the equivalent of time-trial sprints through downtown, and am now barely on time to work, I don’t […]