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30 Days of Biking – another year!

Like the image says, Monday, April 1st is the beginning of 30 Days of Biking. The name is pretty self-explanatory: bike somewhere – anywhere – every day for one month. This annual tradition started in Minneapolis, and has spread throughout the world. I participated last year and thought it was pretty sweet. After a long, […]

Custom Long Haul Trucker – in progress

I’ve been wanting a nicer bike for a while. After saving up, I’m building up a Surly Long Haul Trucker frame. Here it is last week at the public shop space of Sunrise Cyclery, waiting for me to decide what tires, saddle and brake levers I want. Parts have been ordered! Stay tuned for the […]

Reflecting on Commuter Apparel

I have a complicated relationship with reflective clothing. I love how it makes me more visible and therefore safer while I’m riding my bicycle. I hate wearing flashy stuff (ha!) when I’m off the bike. Since I generally use my bike for transportation, there’s a fine balance to be struck. Here are my top three […]

Reaching out to New Cyclists: Downplay the Bad-Ass Factor

There are so many reasons why I ride my bike (for my finances, my physical and mental health, the environment, convenience, fun). It also makes me feel like a bad ass. Especially in the winter. Which is great – to a certain extent. Last week I realized that sometimes I play up the difficulty of […]