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For all of those who Paved the Path

Whenever I look at cycling history, I am inspired by the women who rode long before spandex was around to polarize ideologies. Here are some gems from around the internet. Before Minneapolis’s newspaper became the Star-Tribune and divorce became socially acceptable, Ann Strong wrote that: “The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands […]

National Women’s Bicycling Summit

The first ever National Women’s Bicycling Summit happened last week in Long Beach, CA. I didn’t go, but I’ve been enjoying reading the online accounts from those who did. Here are some accounts of what I missed: The League of American Bicyclists has declared the Summit a huge success. They might be a bit biased […]

Babes in Bikeland 6

When the buzz in the local bike community started building around Babes in Bikeland VI, an annual all-female/trans alleycat race, my ears perked. I’d never raced anything before, but it sounded like fun. Still, racing an alleycat, which simulates bike messenger riding, seemed a bit intimidating – finding addresses, and racing much more experienced riders […]

Po Campo’s Bike to Work Starter Kit

I recently stumbled across this Bike to Work Starter Kit on Po Campo’s website (they make bike-compatible purses and diaper bags). I absolutely love this idea! Right now the kit can only be purchased when you buy a bag from them, but it would be easy to compile something specifically for a co-worker or friend […]

New York, New York

I just got back from five days in NYC! Unfortunately, there was no biking involved. The Big Apple’s bike share program has been delayed again, with a tentative launch date of March 2013, and my schedule of museum and gallery visits was packed (I know, lame excuses). So while I’m saving my inaugural biking in […]