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More Bike Commuter Pants! Spring 2014 Update

It’s that time of year again – I am scanning the websites of my favorite clothing manufacturers, looking for anything that I would really want to wear in their new spring collections. Over almost three years of dedicated bike commuting, I have had a few tastes of functional clothes that reflect my non-girly persona, and […]

Presto-Chango Bike Outfits

Dressing for bike commuting is a spectrum. On one side, the commuter wears full race-ready apparel on the ride with a full change upon arrival at work. On the other, the dogmatically street-clothes-wearing cyclist wears full jewelry and any shoes that fit her sense of fashion. Every commute distance/weather/work dress-code is different, so go with […]

Commuter Pants for Women

Bike commuting pants. Not shorts or capris, but real pants that look polished and professional. Dozens of companies offer them for men, but if you’re female, the pickings are pretty slim. The good news is that they do actually exist (don’t think this was true 5 years ago). Here are your spring 2013 options in […]

Review: Baffin Winter Boots

Minneapolis finally saw real snow this December, giving me plenty of opportunity to put my Baffin Boots to the test. I’ve been out biking, walking, and snow-shoveling in these boots, and I’m really happy with them. Feet can be especially tough to keep warm during winter biking. Cycling turns your core into a furnace, but […]

Public Service Announcement: Shopping the Sales

I hate paying retail prices for anything, unless it’s at my local bike shop where they earn my business every time by listening, making good recommendations, and doing quick, crucial repairs. If I paid retail prices for clothes, I would have to do laundry every three days because there wouldn’t be much in my closet. […]

Bicycle Fashion Show at the Living Green Expo

I checked out the Living Green Expo for the first time this past weekend, and the Bicycle Fashion Show was definitely the highlight! It was put together by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota and the Minnesota Environmental Partnership and featured more than 25 models and bikes. They did a great job of representing a variety […]