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More Bike Commuter Pants! Spring 2014 Update

It’s that time of year again – I am scanning the websites of my favorite clothing manufacturers, looking for anything that I would really want to wear in their new spring collections. Over almost three years of dedicated bike commuting, I have had a few tastes of functional clothes that reflect my non-girly persona, and […]

The Other Kind of Drinking Game

A recent one mile bike ride to the store left me soaked in sweat. It has taken until mid-July, but the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have finally hit that point where it is consistently, uncomfortably, hot outside. This is not a huge deal, nor is it a commute killer, but it does […]

Reaching out to New Cyclists: Downplay the Bad-Ass Factor

There are so many reasons why I ride my bike (for my finances, my physical and mental health, the environment, convenience, fun). It also makes me feel like a bad ass. Especially in the winter. Which is great – to a certain extent. Last week I realized that sometimes I play up the difficulty of […]

Professional Hair – With a Helmet!

There’s a woman with a consistently professional-looking bob cut who works in the same building I do. She rides a recumbent bicycle to work, and for the past year I have been wondering how her hair looks so polished when I know she always wears a helmet. I was too intimidated by her important job […]

In Defense of Fat Tires on Road Bikes

While on a ride with a bike mechanic acquaintance this spring, I noticed that his otherwise unremarkable steel frame bike had very large tires, approaching beach-cruiser proportions. Since it seemed a somewhat unusual choice by someone who knows a lot about bikes, I asked him for the reasoning behind riding huge tires on the road. […]

Review: Ortlieb Backroller Classic Panniers

At the beginning of summer I replaced my dysfunctional panniers with the Orlieb Backroller Classics. After six weeks of heavy use of the Ortlieb panniers, including a four day bike camping trip, I’m fairly happy with my new choice. As one friend commented, “I hear a lot of people complaining about their bike bags, but […]

Sexism in the Bike Lanes

I approach the sexist aspects of bike culture the same way I address the presence of black bears while backpacking: I deliberately avoid contact. My friends are a pretty progressive bunch, and I only patronize bike shops with a reputation of being welcoming to ALL their customers. So while I heard horror stories from other […]