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The Women’s Bike Pant Saga Continues

This Indiegogo campaign is looking for funding to create “the perfect women’s bike pant.” Worth a look, if you’re like me and have been lamenting the lack of commuter-friendly women’s bike apparel. These seem pretty cool – although I would quibble with their claim that their product is unique. There are at least two other […]

Tax Breaks for Bike Commuters

Everyone knows that biking to work instead of driving or using public transit can save you money. What I didn’t know until recently is that it can get you tax breaks, too! For Employees There’s this thing called the Federal Bike Commuter Benefit that allows employers to offer a tax free benefit of up to […]

Skin Care for Winter Cyclists

Winter has always been a skin care challenge in the upper Midwest, but it got worse after I started winter biking. Even with my mostly-windproof balaclava, my face was red, dry and itchy after a good ride. I failed at staying on top of it last winter, and things got so bad that regular moisturizers […]

Review: Merrell Ophelia Shirt

Best known for outfitting the Pacific Northwest in waterproof casual shoes (Jungle Mocs, anyone?), Merrell has branched out into urban street apparel with technical details. While not marketed as bike-specific, some of their clothing items would be great choices for bike commuting to an office casual job. Last summer, I tried on Merrells’s short sleeved […]

Jackets for Fall Biking

October is here and the weather in Minneapolis is now as crisp as the dried leaves lining our streets (I’m loving the “crunch” they make as I pedal by). I’m still riding my bike, but I’m thinking about what I wear differently than I did in the summer. Outfits are now constructed around layers instead […]

In Defense of Fat Tires on Road Bikes

While on a ride with a bike mechanic acquaintance this spring, I noticed that his otherwise unremarkable steel frame bike had very large tires, approaching beach-cruiser proportions. Since it seemed a somewhat unusual choice by someone who knows a lot about bikes, I asked him for the reasoning behind riding huge tires on the road. […]

Outfit #3 – Summer Riding

Last week we had a string of warm, sticky days in the Twin Cities. It’s cooled off a bit since then, but summer is here and it’s just going to get hotter and humider. I’ve been thinking a lot about my summer cycling wardrobe, and this outfit is my favorite so far. I got it […]