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The Women’s Bike Pant Saga Continues

This Indiegogo campaign is looking for funding to create “the perfect women’s bike pant.” Worth a look, if you’re like me and have been lamenting the lack of commuter-friendly women’s bike apparel.

A woman rides a bike in the Perfect Bike Pant

These seem pretty cool – although I would quibble with their claim that their product is unique. There are at least two other companies making a similar pant. The main high point for this product right now is the price point: you can pre-order pants for $99, which is billed as a 25% discount. Even if you paid full price, this would still make them about 50% less than Outlier’s option.

Worth mentioning – there’s no fly, and there’s a hidden, magnetic roll-up loop on the right leg. I’m waiting until they’re in production and I can get these into a dressing room, but I’m excited to see women jumping into the market place and making the products that fit our lifestyles.

Also see REI’s new bike jean.


One comment on “The Women’s Bike Pant Saga Continues

  1. Hey there – thanks for the shout out! (Meghan from iladora) – we will have these in production this fall and hope you’ll try them out. We really focused on features that made your bike ride better while looking style-forward like the straight leg cut, raised waistband for coverage, durable and water resistant fabric, and the invisible side zipper and hidden magnets you mentioned above – looking forward to helping more ladies feel comfortable and look good on their bikes! 🙂

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