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Winter Biking Outfit

I think it was 12 degrees Fahrenheit when I left the house yesterday morning. I set off for errands: Midwest Mountaineering, grocery store, bank. All told, I biked and shopped for 2.5 hours and returned home in 15 degree weather. Here’s what I was wearing: On my bike: Bern helmet, windproof fleece balaclava, fleece earband […]

Reaching out to New Cyclists: Downplay the Bad-Ass Factor

There are so many reasons why I ride my bike (for my finances, my physical and mental health, the environment, convenience, fun). It also makes me feel like a bad ass. Especially in the winter. Which is great – to a certain extent. Last week I realized that sometimes I play up the difficulty of […]

Vogue’s Bike Fashion Picks for Fall

I’ve written several posts about my love/hate relationship with the fashion industry. I think every woman, no matter how pretty or thin, feels at some point that she isn’t represented by the idealized images in the fashion world. That’s exponentially true if she’s queer or happens to have skin that isn’t a Northern European shade […]

Fashion: that other F-word

I still have so much to learn, not just about gears and cables, but also about bike culture. I started blogging because I hadn’t seen anything on bike blogs that I identified with. At first, all I could find when I Googled “women biking” was either pro racing stories or photos of women who look […]